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ca462 - Tobias Herzz Hallbauer - Verses 2 [12 Aug 2011|05:55pm]


Artist: Tobias Herzz Hallbauer
Title: Verses 2
Date: 2011-08-10
Keywords: indie; electronica; alternative; krautrock; trip hop; other
(320 kbps)

„Verses 2“ is the new solo album of german musician Tobias Herzz Hallbauer. It contains eight tracks, based on poems of (mostly english) authors from the late 19th / early 20th century:
Konstantinos Kavafis („Walls“), William Allingham („An Evening“), George Eliot („Roses“), Francis Thompson („An Arab Love Song“), Amy Lowell („The Bungler“), Delmira Agustini („I Live, I Die, I Burn, I Drown“), Stephen Crane („And You Love Me“) and John Davidson („Song“).

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ca456 - Sobaki Kachalova - Gryazniye Botinki [10 Jul 2011|03:23pm]


Artist: Sobaki Kachalova (Собаки Качалова)
Title: Gryazniye Botinki (Грязные ботинки)
Date: 2011-07-09
Keywords: alternative rock; indie; post-punk
(320 kbps)

Album "Gryazniye Botinki" (Dirty boots), included the best songs for all period of creativity according to listeners, and written down in an electricity. The album material has been written in the beginning 90 and there was on an acoustic album «Max Ilyin's Group» in 1994 "Last".

Альбом «Грязные ботинки», включивший в себя лучшие песни за весь период творчества по мнению слушателей, и записанных в электричестве. Материал альбома был написан в начале 90-х и выходил на акустическом альбоме «Макса Ильина» в 1994 году "Последний".

Max Ilyin - guitar, vocal
Serchio Kljashchitsky - drums
Alexey Strelkov - bass

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Two New Music videos [29 Jun 2011|09:55pm]

Hi folks,

Here's two animated music videos I've made recently... they're a little bit different from each other in both tone and content... anyway...

People are Twats, by The Lovely Eggs


Psychonautic Odyssey by Aenaon
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ca450 - Studbaker´s Blacksmith Shop - Excuse me, are you sick?! [17 Jun 2011|12:42pm]


Artist: Studbaker´s Blacksmith Shop
Title: Excuse me, are you sick?!
Date: 2011-06-15
Keywords: alternative rock; stoner rock; pop rock; indie
(320 kbps)

It´s not easy to express the music of Studebaker´s Blacksmith Shop. It is music in his simplicity, clarity and intensity, but the most important thing is the uniqueness and the audibility of the songs. "Excuse me, are you sick?!" is the first concept-album of the band. An inwardly lost person´s way of a prospected depression is depicted (Alone).

The musicians are:
Kerstin Dietl (vocals/guitar/piano/songwriting),
Alex Dübell (guitar/synth/piano/lyrics/songwriting)
Joe Kirsch (bass/piano/ideas)
Uli „the Machine“ Eggerbauer (drums/ideas)

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ca442 - Lunatic Scale - VII [15 May 2011|10:05am]


Artist: Lunatic Scale
Title: VII
Date: 2011-05-14
Keywords: alternative; rock
(320 kbps)

Lunatic Scale - a Moscow rock band founded in 2004. Performing in Russia since 2006. Someone call Lunatic Scale alternative or even a "nu-metal", someone may say it's mainstream rock, but it's important not to define a particular style, but to realise that creativity of the band stands out with originality and integrity. We hope nobody will stand indifferent.

Алексей Федотов - вокал, бас-гитара
Сергей Старых - вокал, гитара
Иван Мартынов - барабаны.

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ca440 - Utrovortu - Byt' kak myshi-polevki (Feeling like a campagnol) [04 May 2011|12:48pm]


Artist: Utrovortu
Title: Byt' kak myshi-polevki (Feeling like a campagnol)
Date: 2011-05-03
Keywords: abstract; post-punk; lo-fi; spoken word; psychedelic rock; psy-folk; experimental; free improv; electronic; other
(320 kbps)

Here you can find works of the band "Golubi i bezumnye kashevary" as well as some relatively new projects like "Cherv i Pylajushie Verholazy" ("A Worm and The Flaming Steeplejacks"), "Kapitan Borozda" ("Captain Furrow") and "TRESNI". There are also recordings that can not be exactly identified, though in this case any identification is quite relative anyway - sometimes the boundary between different projects is rather fuzzy.

Здесь можно встретить работы как ансамбля "Голуби и Безумные Кашевары", так и относительно новых проектов "Червь и Пылающие Верхолазы", "Капитан Борозда" и "ТРЕСНИ". Присутствуют также записи, не поддающиеся определённой идентификации, хотя какая-либо идентификация здесь немного условна - не всегда понятно, где кончается один проект и где начинается другой.

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ca437 - Nice Wings, Icarus! - self titled [21 Apr 2011|09:14am]


Artist: Nice Wings, Icarus!
Title: self titled
Date: 2011-04-20
Keywords: post-rock; post-metal
(320 kbps)

Neither post-rock nor post-metal, NWI! exist somewhere in between, adding some quirky math-rock overtones and a classy violin-driven progressive rock signature to their sound.

Formed in February 2008 by Yuriy Nagorniy (guitar) and Yuriy Kasyanenko (drums), NICE WINGS, ICARUS! played their first live show ten months later, with Sergiy Zaika (guitar), Vadim Matuzenko (bass) and Daniil Grudzinskiy (violin) being the official members of the band as well. They shape their material during 2009, bearing influences from TOOL, ENVY, PELICAN, ISIS and some other bands, but never imitating someone’s manner or sound.

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ca436 - pandoras.box - Monomeet (EP) [17 Apr 2011|01:17pm]


Artist: pandoras.box
Title: Monomeet (EP)
Date: 2011-04-15
Keywords: alternative; space pop; electronica; rock
(320 kbps)
+bonus video

Just at the beginning of 2011, pandoras.box seem define the state of the art of modern Rock Music. A Soundtrack about a time full of global change, desperation, nervousness, youth and dead future. What the Southern Germany based quintet has on offer on their second album is pop and zeitgeist. But rather of the dark, gloomy, demanding and sophisticated kind. Terms like Spacerock, Shoegazer or Neo Classic spring to mind. Sophisticated arrangements of orchestral strings and subtle piano melodies meet the cold light of flickering laptop screens. PANDORAS.BOX take their time to create moods and sounds but they don’t forget the rhythmic foundations that endow the majestic compositions with a certain lightness.

MONOMEET is about art, about music – music you have to make, music that defines our little weary heads. It´s about searching for alternatives and meeting yourself in truth. This is an album, a documentation of a time of changes – a story...

This is an exclusive "Monomeet" Mini Compilation for Clinical Archives.


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ca427 - The Cruels - Infesto (EP) [07 Mar 2011|07:00pm]


Artist: The Cruels
Title: Infesto (EP)
Date: 2011-03-05
Keywords: alternative; rock; grunge; shoegaze; experimental; post-rock; noise

Experimental album with angry lyrics but not sad.
Amplifiers brought to saturation by the distortion and feedback of the sound.

The Cruels is a band born in Tuscany in 2008. The band members are: Luca Marroni (Vocals and bass) Efisio Fenu (guitar, vocals), Gianluca Baldaccini (drums).The easiest way to classify this group is referring to the groups born in Seattle during the early 90's but also many influences from the Italian scene, such as Verdena and CCCP.

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Animated music videos [12 Jan 2011|02:48pm]

I'd just like to share two animated music videos with you...

This one is for the Particle Zoo song, 'Even an Army'.

And this one is for, 'Popinjay' by The Joy Formidable.

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ca409 - rodototoed - Relatos de poder [18 Nov 2010|01:21pm]


Artist: rodototoed
Title: Relatos de poder
Date: 2010-11-17
Keywords: avant-garde; experimental; free improvisation; rock; progressive; space-rock; psychedelic
(320 kbps)

Rodolfo Gutiérrez - drums
Toto Merino - bass
Edwin Monney - guitar, kaossilator
Recorded live on august and september of 2010

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ca408 - Joxfield ProjeX & Guests - Numbers & Letters (3 Disc Set) [13 Nov 2010|03:25pm]


Artist: Joxfield ProjeX & Guests
Title: Numbers & Letters (3 Disc Set)
Date: 2010-11-12
Keywords: progressive; psychedelic; experimental; alternative; space rock; improvisation; kraut-rock; electronic; spoken word

Joxfield ProjeX:
Oax - Most of the guitars and loads of other stuff heard all over
Yan - Most of the keyboards, percussion programming and loads of other stuff heard all over

Geoff Leigh - Flute, soprano saxophone, vocals, effects, Jews harp
Pat Mastelotto - Drums, percussion, samples
Nikke Ström - Bass
Håkan Almkvist - Bass, sitar, tanpura, percussion
Kenji Siratori - Spoken word
Hiromichi Sakamoto - Cello
José João - Elephantnoiseguitar
Churner - Harsh noise
Regina P - Vocal
Jan Ternald - Cover painting artist


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COVENANT LIVE at QXT's This Saturday, October 9th [07 Oct 2010|11:56am]

title or description

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Рокеры экспериментируют с компьютером [02 Mar 2010|09:09am]

Я узнал, что ребята из хард-рок группы "Пилигрим" используют для записи нового альбома аналоговые синтезаторы и компьютерный звук. Мне стало интересно, и я сходил к ним на репетиционную базу побеседовать. 

Вот, что мне рассказал их клавишник, Юра

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ca361 - Magical Unicellular Music - Aurora [27 Feb 2010|01:56pm]


Artist: Magical Unicellular Music
Title: Aurora
Date: 2010-02-25
Keywords: post-rock; psychedelic rock; other
(320 kbps)

Absolutely static solid-rock music glowing with all nuances of the spectrum like polar aurora borealis. This is full implementation of Magical Unicellular Music concept and methodology, the didactic catechism to learn one — and to jump on your sofa of coruse.

Это абсолютно статичная рок-музыка, стоящая на месте и при этом переливающаяся всеми оттенками спектра, как Северное сияние - Аврора. Этот альбом настолько полно воплощает идею Волшебной одноклеточной музыки, и ясно демонстрирует её методологию, что его можно использовать как дидактическое пособие.


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40 rock bands [03 Feb 2010|12:53pm]

Действительно забавная картинка. Обнаружил вчера вечером, а голову ломал всю ночь. Даже во сне ответы приходили)) Нашел все сорок!

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Панк рок (флеш) [08 Jan 2010|01:30pm]

Небольшая безделушная SWF-ка от [info]sanches. Просидел пол часа тыкая мышей во всякие кнопочки - какая-то фигня получалась,  ударил по клавиатуре - стало значительно лучше! Даже какой то сингл вырисовался))
(За кодом обращатся в личку.)
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ca343 - Joxfield ProjeX - Phantastique [17 Dec 2009|02:45pm]


Artist: Joxfield ProjeX
Title: Phantastique
Date: 2009-12-17
Keywords: progressive; psychedelic; experimental; jam; space-rock; electronic; rock
(320 kbps)

"Phantastique" is a virtual LP. The intension was to make a straight, plain and simple jam record based on some repetitive patterns, at least in Joxfield ProjeX terms of what is straight, plain and simple. Not to get too much stuck into the spacey jams the tunes are separated by some short experimental pieces. Look at these moments as opportunities to get some good, fresh air.
Even though it’s maybe not heard in the music, the main inspirational sources for these recordings are some albums by Acid Mothers Temple, especially Kawabata Makoto’s mixing style, but also some funky grooves from Miles Davis ‘On The Corner’ period.

Yan: Keyboards, percussion programmer
Oax: Guitars, bass, voice- & percussion samples

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ATG's Boxing Day Blowout (Toronto) [14 Dec 2009|05:32pm]

ATG’s Boxing Day Blowout at Lee’s Palace with performances by:

Bathurst Queens
Stiff Wires
Outbred Inlaws
The Nightmares

@ Lee's Palace, 9pm/19+

email: thenightmaresmusic@gmail.com or go to http://www.myspace.com/thenightmaresmusic for guest list
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ca341 - The Winter War In Tibet - Eurasia Deluxe [11 Dec 2009|12:44pm]


Artist: The Winter War In Tibet
Title: Eurasia Deluxe
Date: 2009-12-11
Keywords: improvisation; psychedelic rock; kraut rock; post rock; ambient; shoegazing; minimal; experimental; drone; avant-garde
(320 kbps)

"Magical music on "Eurasia" is full of apprentice's patience, unruffled cal and Buddhist leniency towards all living beings. We hear insisde ourselves what is there and take it as it is". Simply speaking, they are playing the air and aren't being in a stew. The most important discipline of The Winter War In Tibet is the lightness and naturalness - the lightness and naturalness of running water.

Band THE WINTER WAR IN TIBET was formed in 2008 in Minsk, Belarus. This is collaboration of musicians from Minsk groups BOGOMATER’ CVETOV (FLOWERMOTHER), URLA MAKABRA, INSUMTHINMAGMA, CHILDREN OF ISHIZUKE TREE, THE SHAPE, SANGIITA SHUNAKA and SNEZHINKI. A distinctive feature of the band’s music are the sound experimentation and improvisations at the junction of ethnic, rave and rock. Band’s name comes from the similar book written by Swiss writer Friedrich Durrenmatt. THE WINTER WAR IN TIBET has made its debut at the opening of the international festival “Kamen” («Камень») in Minsk in October 2008, accompanying Damo Suzuki, the world-known vocalist of cult German kraut-rock band CAN. In 2009 the band recorded about 20 improvisatory releases.

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